Thursday, 1 September 2011

Who Wore It Best?


When I spotted this pics of Kim Kardashian filming scenes for her reality TV show in New York yesterday wearing a red pleated dress by Alexander McQueen I experienced a case of fashion déjà vu. Hmm, where had I seen this before? A-ha, that’s it! New X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos wore the exact same dress to the TV show auditions in Liverpool in July.
The N-Dubz singer wore hers simply with a pair of lace-up mesh sandals by Nicholas Kirkwood, her hair worn in a long fishtail plait and a flash of matching red lipstick.

Newlywed Kim, however, wore her dress with some towering snakeskin platform heels by Christian Louboutin, a metallic clutch and a statement necklace.
But who wore it best? Who wiped the floor with the other in the style stakes?
Well if u ask me I would say Kim got the curves to hold that dress in place however Tulisa looks like an overgrown school child, not very impressing Tulisa. Kim gets my votes

I'm going to have to give the vote to Jessica Alba, sorry Mary J but that dress is made for Alba as it sits so elegantly on her.

Beyonce and actress Lenor Varela both stepped out on the red carpet in this D&G dress well in my opinion the dress look very fitting on Lenor, However check out how psychically body sculpting this amazing pencil dress sits on Queen B. Her dynamic curves also make me love the dress even more. Also not overdoing the accessories with a clutch bag, Queen B makes use of a statement belt and earring which complements the dress perfectly.

It's the battle of the Bond Girl against music's queen Bey, as Beyonce Knowles and Olga Kurylenko go head-to-head for your fashion favour in matching Elie Saab dresses. My vote Definitely goes to Beyonce! Her curves are perfect in this dress, I love the matching shoes and I also adore the exquisite details at the back of Queen B's Heels. However the dress looks less striking on Olga.


Alicia Keys and Gwyneth Paltrow are very elegant women so I wasn't too shocked when I saw both of the in the belted Stella McCartney dress. They both look rather ravishing, however Alicia the girl on fire singer looked stunning in  the yellow gown, which compliments her skin tone very well and she paired the dress with a chunky gold necklace which adds so VaVaVoom to the look. Gwyneth However kept it simple maybe a little bit too simple she had on the black version of the dress. I'm not feeling it with Gwyneth maybe because her curves ain't filling out the dress like it should. I'm afraid the dress just looks good on Gwyneth and On Alicia it looks amazing.

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