Friday, 4 July 2014


OK OK OK Hear Me OUT!!! so OMG I'm so excited to share this discovery with you LOL.
There's a new iro and buba also known as buba and wrapper trend out now, its literally taking over the world of African fashion and I'm loving this trend because its fun, chic, and so easy to pull off. The styles I've seen are mostly made out of mostly printed chiffon, however I've also seen some styles from fabrics such as silk and velvet. I can't quite wrap my head round why no one has attempted to try sewing the tulip wrap in ankara prints, that being said  I actually wouldn't blame anyone for not trying because the ankara prints fabric is a hard starchy fabric and to tie a tulip wrap out of ankara might prove a little bit difficult  but i would so like to see someone try and  you never know i might try that.

                                      Everywhere I look all I see is MERCY!!!!

Mercy Aigbe Slaying the Printed Chiffon Tulip style iro and buba like a Fashion Dragon Slayer


Green Versace style Printed chiffon on Mercy 

I've only ever seen the horse prints on ankara fabric, but wow it looks good on chiffon. I want I LOVE!!! 

Angela Simmons 

Angela Simmons looking rather ravishing!!!
Love the Christian Louboutin Pairing with the yellow blue printed chiffon iro and buba   

Chiffon Iro and Buba made by Yetunde Sarumi 

Yetunde Sarumi of 
Check her out She's amazing 



I think I've just found my new love, the chiffon prints are to die for and omg those heels. 

                          @houseofcilla1 absolutely love the prints and the bag

         I love and I want by @itunufabrics but unfortunately it's sold out!!! Sighs......

      @xxololadexx Yours truly Moi Rocking one of my iro and buba collections with my                                                  Topshop Rhodium Metal Trim Heels  

P.S. Ankle strap heels are the perfect match for your Iro and Buba so if your looking to
                          rock this new trend pair with ankle strapped heels.
                            *Pumps are cute too but I prefer ankle straps*

If you would like me to make you one these tulip style iro and buba then contact me through my email of and if there's anything you feel could be improved on this blog please let me know by leaving a comment below and I'll make changes.
Thanks for checking out my Blog, Love you guys. Be sure to come back again!!!!

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