Sunday, 27 July 2014

SPORTS: Didier Drogba Returns To Chelsea

Didier Drogba made it public to his fans on Instagram that he'll be returning to Chealsea football club. 
Chealsea Manager Jose Mourinho recently hinted that he would like Drogba back at Stamford Bridge and he got him back.  
'He’s coming because he’s one of the best strikers in Europe. I know his personality very well and I know if he comes back he’s not protected by history or what he’s done for this club previously,' Mourinho said. 
The Ivorian Chealsea player has signed a one-year deal 
"I'm blue at heart" 
'My desire to win is still the same and I look forward to the opportunity to help this team. I am excited for the next chapter of my career,' Drogba Said. 
I believe that Drogba is coming with the mentality to make more amazing history for CFC, and I'm sure the fans are thrilled by his arrival back to Chelsea. Congratulations Didier Welcome Back to CFC. 

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