Monday, 9 July 2012


Lil Kim is wearing a lace frontal and its a very bad one jugging by the looks of it. Who believes that’s you hair Lil Kim? You ain't foolin nobody.

Absolutely shocking!!! Naomi? I'm speechless.

She looks like an alien from Star Trek, I almost didn't recognise her 

I actually didn't recognise Oscar contender Viola Davis from‘The Help‘ without her head full of weave, UNBEWEAVEABLE. To the left the critically acclaimed actress posed natural for a beautiful cover of the LA Times Magazine. "I know the picture to the right doesn't look like her right? well don't be too shocked because it is Viola and Viola's black dress was designed by one of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers, Jason Wu.
I personally love her new look and I'm hoping this signals the beginning of a trend for black woman to return to our natural beautiful roots again. It’s disenchanting to see so many beautiful black women walking around looking fake, wearing the same, straight black hairstyle, lace frontal and Brazilian hair. Why don't we all settle for our natural AFRO!!!

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