Monday, 3 October 2011


 So I've been growing my natural hair for a year now and I've found that the best protective fuss free style for my natural Afro hair is the trending box braid.  
All you need is very good hair stylist that can tame your natural hair under that Xpression weave and you'll be fine for the next month or so. You can then style your box braid however you want   
There's so much you can do with Box Braids!!! Let Me and My African Queens Show you How Natural  Maintaining your Natural Hair Shouldn't be difficult, It should be a Beautiful Experience!!!

Solange Knowles Loves her UpDo Box Braids and I love it too but the problem I have with my UpDos is that I can never get it as perfect as Solange does 

Solange and Natural Just Mix, She Always Sure to turn Heads But can you blame her?

Keri Hilson Braids look Amazing. Hair So Long All You Need Is Prince Charming to Climb up On it Lolz!!!

Box Braids In a BOB oh WOW In Love 

You can also style your box braids tied back for a night out

 My Box Braid UpDo


Beyonce Knowles 

Angela Simmons

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